3 Must Have Characteristics For An Awesome LinkedIn Profile!

Do you feel that you don’t have your dream job or an internship in a cool company or that awesome business that you wanted to start yet? If you answered YES, then you probably know that something is missing in your journey and you need to work on this.

Have you ever thought about the most important thing that can take you closer to your dreams?? Keep reading so that you can learn more about this!! In today’s era, networking is happening via LinkedIn. Let it be your job search, networking with peers, getting leads to grow your business, or just creating your personal brand! Have you ever thought about what can make this a success??

A super awesome & most accurate LinkedIn profile in a professional context is the answer. Yes, LinkedIn is your gateway to getting that dream job that you always wanted. And for this to happen, your LinkedIn profile must fulfil these three characteristics: 1. Searchable 2. Clickable 3. Approachable

Searchable – It means when searching for the relevant keywords & location, your profile must be found on the very first page of LinkedIn search. (This is mostly used by recruiters when they are looking for a candidate for the job). Some tips which will make your LinkedIn profile more searchable:

Your name, title, location & experience should be clearly mentioned & updated frequently You need to have the right set of keywords “About” section needs to be well thought & include the right keywords

Clickable – When someone reads your profile, they shouldn’t just have a glance and leave. You need to make them curious & make them click on your profile. Some tips which will make your LinkedIn profile more attractive & clickable:

Catchy LinkedIn Title: It’s the most important aspect of your LinkedIn because people’s eyes see them first. Many people make mistakes at this very major part. Don’t have a boring title (e.g. seeking opportunities in XYZ or open for opportunities etc.). The idea is to make it Creative (e.g. Want to solve exciting problems in XYZ company as so-n-so etc.). You get my point, right? Don’t have a boring title. Reinforce what the user is looking for

Right Keywords: Pick the right keywords based on how people will be searching for you and this applies to your title, your description & your experience. If you want to know which keywords are most used for the job that you are looking for, just go to any desired job ad in your field & pick 4-5 keywords from them & include them

Interesting Summary: In your description, write a good summary of your interests & skills which depict your professional personality. Also, don’t forget to include keywords mentioned earlier so that LinkedIn knows that this word is related to you & your field. Optimize your description for all the words you would want to rank yourself for & update your experience also by using those keywords

Recommendations: Have recommendations or endorsements (top 3 skills) from others. It really helps people to know which skills you are well off in & many recruiters also look for it. Paint a clear picture of your skills. Have recommendations from your boss or colleagues

Professional Headshot: No informal photos

Background photo: The background photo/image is the most important factor (highest significance). Try & make it creative by writing your major qualities & fields you are working in. Use Canva for customizing this background image

Featured Section: The featured section gets the most traffic (blog articles, LinkedIn posts, etc.). Highlight your posts on your profile so that people visiting your profile do not feel that you are a dead user who doesn’t use LinkedIn

Approachable: Be approachable by making it easier for others to send you connection requests. Write your contact number & email id in your description. Be open to messages & reply to them.

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